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vince Evolution-X для Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus от 19-04-2019

Official, Treble.
Основано на: AOSP.
Статус: beta.
Версия android: 9.0.
Автор: waiser.
Gapps: Присутствуют.

Новая прошивка на базе PixelExperience с хорошей кастомизацией.
Ота в прошивке присутствует,следующее обновление будет по воздуху.
Прошивка понравилась, пробуйте.
Список изменений от 19-04-2019:
- Обновлены исходники до крайних на данный момент.
- Много мелких исправлений со стороны исходников

Список изменений от 08-04-2019:
- Обновлены исходники до крайних на данный момент.
- Обновлено ядро до версии 4.9.168, спасибо @mdeejay
- Обновлено дерево для ядра 4.9
- Рабочий thermal
- Стоковая камера теперь камера Miui (Гугл камера не будет работать стабильно на сенсоре омни, это связано с ядром)
- Очень много правок по стабильности

Только чистая установка, с форматом дата, если вы были на ядре 3.18
! Методы установки на разные девайсы на доработке.

Скачать: Mega.nz

Комментариев 12
  1. Ryuk
    will this get updated? sorry to ask, because usually when PE gets updated, your other roms received one, too. so far evolutionx is what I like best among them. thank you, dev.
    1. waiser Ответ
      Maybe today or tomorrow
  2. Ryuk
    Wow! thanks for the response! I was about to flash PE Go because i thought this wouldn't receive one. Patiently waiting for it. in all the telegram groups I have joined, everyone who uses this rom says it's the best so far both in performance and customisation!
  3. Ryuk
    I also had to reflash. After setting it up, I think when I changed the doze setting--specifically turning ambient display on only once its out of the pocket, i couldn't access anything but the homescreen. Whenever I tried to launch an app, it freezes and I had to reboot.

    I think I forgot to flash the firmware first before the rom. I am now using it, then flashed the firmware first then the rom. No problems at all so far. Thanks waiser!

  4. Ryuk
    just to update. Reboots happened, sadly. I tried registering my yahoo email, after entering the details it cannot go to the next window. it freezes then reboots. most likely it is because of the kernel.

    Apologies for posting a lot. I think I have found the problem. The pixel launcher causes the freeze. I tried clearing the app's data but it didn't fix it. I replaced it with poco launcher and now everything works. :)

    Apologies for posting a lot. I think I have found the problem. The pixel launcher causes the freeze. I tried to clear it. I replace it with poco launcher and now everything works so far. I will continue testing :)
    1. Unicornio Ответ
      ¿El problema de la congelación continuó, o cómo se resolvió? :(
  5. Sad
    Did you manage to solve the freeze by changing the launcher? or how did you solve it? :(

  6. Ryuk
    It was a temporary fix.mobile data is not working. whenever I try to increase or decrease the volume it freezes then reboots. I tried flashing dab kernel, it still the same. sorry to say but the rom is unstable. battery drain is also there. Let us just wait for the next update. pretty sure waiser can find a way through.
  7. Ivan2K19
    Надеюсь, что больше не будет откатов ядра на предыдущую версию, чтобы не переустанавливать все заново. Ну, а так прошивка хорошая.
    1. waiser Ответ
      не будет, все прошивки останутся на 4.9
      1. ryuk Ответ
        sir, any chance of fixing the last update? or maybe releasing a new one?
  8. ryuk
    the update fixes everything! good job dev! 
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